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The term „Digital Out Of Home“ (DOOH) stands for outdoor marketing and advertising on digital screens and bilboards in all public areas. This form of digital marketing is a new and modern way of ad communication and in todays world of marketing one of the most steady, secure and successful forms of advertisement. Our partner network and portfolio is constantly growing and is the perfect source for our clients to present themselves on the screens and billboards of the most modern and the most relevant marketing partners nationwide.

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We present your brand and reach your target audience by making you stand out from your competition and all it takes is one screen!

It doesn’t matter if you are a small, regional company or one of the big ballers. We find the right screen at the right location for you and create your campaign with you, so that it is perfectly customized and aimed directly at your target audience. We are collaborating with the most modern and trending partners nationwide. This is why we have about 10.000 locations with over 50.000 screens and counting.

  • With that being said: your new clients are just one screen away!

We proudly support:

WEISSER RING e. V.Kinder-Hospiz SternenbrückeSOKO Tierschutz e.V.recyclehero ♻Internationale HochschuleSchutz für Kinder
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